Standing Lamp (AT3)

  • Size: L 1150mm | H 2300mm | W 800mm
  • This beautiful piece of Acacia Senegal wood also known to locals as “Geelhaak doring” was discovered in the Waterberg Mountains of South Africa in the Limpopo Province, close to the Botswana border.


  • Price: ZAR 24,550.




Standing Lamp (AT4)

  • Size: L 750mm | H 2250mm | W 1500mm
  • This magnificent raw natural wood indigenous to the Acacia family of trees was discovered in the wet-lands of Pretoria (Northern parts of South Africa).
  • This lamp has 5 copper pendants with carbon filament bulbs and a natural stone base made from marble.


  • Price: ZAR 28,750.